Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cleo Tweak Brings New Look To Control Center On iOS 9.3.3 iPhone

If you get tired of the stock iPhone settings then you can bring new look to Control Center on your iOS 9.3.3 iPhone with new jailbreak tweak called Cleo. Jailbreaking opens wide range of means for developers to manipulate iOS’ UI and animations to change the look of stock iOS elements and at the same time provide the necessary functionality user need and demand. In this case Cleo jailbreak tweak gives Control Center more of an embedded look and feel. Rather than a transparent and blurred sheet that user drag up from the bottom of the display, the tweak makes it more of a hidden interface that user can swipe up to reveal, and it hides part of the current screen in the process.

How To Bring New Look To Control Center In iOS 9

Look at the top post you will see that Cleo tweak has two different pages: 1) the page with all of the toggles and shortcuts, as well as the brightness slider, and 2) the page with all of your music controls and a volume slider. Cleo provides the same controls you would expect from Control Center, it just looks much nicer. 

So in order to bring new look to Control Center on your iOS 9.3.3 iPhone head to Cydia and download Cleo $1.99. When you install the tweak, you will not see a preferences pane in the Settings app. Instead the developers have embedded the Cleo preferences directly into Apple’s Control Center preferences pane. So go to the Settings > Control Center preferences pane to set your configurations.

Once you get in there, you’ll find the “Use Cleo” toggle switch, which lets you toggle the tweak on or off on demand. Once you turn it on, you can go into the Configuration preferences pane to get to the available options. Once you're done with configurations, just close the Settings app and open Control Center to see results. 

Cleo tweak brings a beautiful new look and feel for the Control Center interface in iOS 9 and we think currently it the best tweak with multiple functionalities for iOS 9.3.3 device.


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