Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Best Tweaks For Pokemon Go To Play On Jalbroken iPhone

Here is the list of the best iPhone jailbreak tweaks for Pokemon Go which you can use on your jailbroken device. The fabulous game was launched just a few days back. Although it is available in limited countries Pokemon Go game become very popular around the world.

If you have a jailbroken iOS 9 iPhone and aren't able to install Pokemon Go, as the game prevented you from playing it then you should check few tweaks that make the game available for jailbroken devices. Here are three best iPhone tweaks for for Pokemon Go to play on jailbroken devices.


In case you are not able to play Pokemon Go on your iOS 9 device because it is jailbroken, check the PokePatch jailbreak tweak. PokePatch can hide your device’s jailbreak status from Pokemon Go. Technically, the tweak allow you to play Pokemon Go on your jailbroken iOS device. 

You can download PokePatch from here.

Pokemon Lock

If you’re willing to disable the passcode on your iOS device, and are perfectly happy to have your battery absolutely annihilated, then you can now play Pokemon Go directly on the Lock Screen of your iPhone thanks to the Pokemon Lock tweak.

The tweak will allow you to play Pokemon right from the lock screen of your jailbroken iPhone, which in turn will definitely annihilate its battery life. The tweak also requires you to disable passcode protection.

The tweak can be downloaded from the developer’s personal repository here.


If you are tired and want to relax playing Pokemon Go game on you jailbroken iOS 9 device you try the PokemonGoAnywhere jailbreak tweak. This great tweak allows you to walk anywhere in the game by simply clicking on the map. 

You can download the tweak here.

Hope these three the best iPhone jailbreak tweaks for Pokemon Go will help you to enjoy the game in full.


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