Thursday, July 7, 2016

How To Unlock iOS 10 iPhone Without Launching Home Screen

During the WWDC 2016 keynote Apples presented the new way to unlock iOS 10 iPhone without launching Home screen. With iOS 10 Apple changes the familiar slide-to-unlock gesture with “Slide to Unlock” option. Now the iPhone unlocking option takes you to a dedicated widgets screen where you will see a new “Press Home to unlock” message on the Lock screen.

As a result, unlocking a Touch ID-outfitted iOS device now requires you to press the Home button rather than rest your finger on it, like in prior editions of the software. But as it turns out, iOS 10 gives users another, previously unavailable option for unlocking their device without automatically launching the Home screen.

How To Unlock iPhone Without Launching Home Screen In iOS 10

For years, Apple taught us to unlock iOS devices by swiping on the Lock screen from left to right. But in iOS 10, Apple changed this gesture and offer new the phone unlocking mechanism. Slide-to-unlock is dead, long live Press-home-to-open.

In order to unlock iOS 10 iPhone without launching Home screen you need to simply pick up your device so that the Lock screen turns on and then rest your finger on Touch ID without pressing the Home button. The “Press Home to Unlock” message changes to ”Press Home to Open” to indicate that the device has been unlocked.

You can now launch the Home screen by pressing the Home button with any finger, including those that have not been enrolled in Touch ID. A small padlock icon in the iOS status bar disappears to indicate that you’re now staring at the Lock screen of an unlocked device.

When an iOS device is unlocked, iOS gives apps access to encrypted data.

As a result, launching Camera from the Lock screen of an unlocked device gives you unrestricted access to the whole Photos library as opposed to showing only the pictures taken during that particular session, invoked by launching Camera from the Lock screen of a locked device.


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