Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How To Set An Analog Clock On iOS 9 iPhone’s Status Bar

Want to change the look of your jailbroken device then you can set an analog clock on iOS 9 iPhone’s status bar using AnalogStatus jailbreak tweak. This new Cydia release shows the time in the Status Bar as an analog clock rather than a digital one.

There is a small disadvantage about analog clock as it will take you a little longer to tell the time because of how tiny the icon is and the nature of trying to read the clock while distinguishing the smaller and larger hands apart from one another. But still if you prefer to use analog clock follow the short review below.

How To Enable An Analog Clock On iOS 9 iPhone’s Status Bar

In order to set an analog clock on iOS 9 iPhone’s status bar head to Cydia and download the AnalogStatus tweak for free. If your iPhone isn't jailbroken you can use Pang tool for iOS 9 - 9.1 to liberate your device.
The tweak does not have preference pane for configuration. Once you install it, it will enable the analog clock on your iPhone status bar. It is as easy as it is.

As you see at the top post picture you can see that digital clock says 4:03 and it is extremely hard to see the exact time on the analog clock. So of course many users would be far less likely to use this tweak on daily driver because it takes longer to tell the time in scenarios where you’re walking around or are busy multitasking, especially when you need to know the correct time. So you will spend the extra time trying to read the analog clock that can be really annoying. So in such case it would be better the tweak has the activator gesture to quickly switch to digital clock.

Even with AnalogStatus tweak installed you can always stare at the Clock’s app icon if it is really hard for you to see the actual time in finer detail, or you can use the Lock screen clock to see a digital time.


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