Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How To Restrict Individual Apps From Using WiFi On iOS 9.3.3 iPhone

If you have already jailbroken your device using Pangu tool you can now restrict individual apps from using WiFi on iOS 9.3.3 iPhone. When you enable cellular data on your iPhone, iOS system offers a useful feature for filtering apps that can access the internet. Such a feature is missing from the stock WiFi configuration which is why a new jailbreak tweak called ConditionalWiFi has been developed to fill in the gap.

How To Restrict Individual Apps From Using WiFi

The ConditionalWiFi lets you restrict individual apps from accessing the internet when connected to a WiFi network. This feature can be really useful in situations when there’s a data cap on your internet usage or you’re using a public WiFi network and don’t want certain apps from accessing it due to security reasons.

The tweak is available for purchase for $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. So head there and download it. Once install, ConditionalWiFi starts to work immediately and don't add preferences pane to Settings. Instead it is built into the WiFi settings pane which can be found in Settings -> WiFi.

At the bottom of the WiFi preferences pane, you’ll find a list of all the apps installed on your device. Each of these apps have a toggle which can be enabled or disabled to pick whether or not they can access the internet when your jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 iPhone connects to a WiFi network.

In order to restrict a specific app from accessing the WiFi network, find its name in the list and toggle it off. That's it. On the other hand if the toggle is turned on, the app will have access to the internet. By default, all the apps will be enabled to access the WiFi network.

Now you know how to restrict individual apps from using WiFi on your iOS 9.3.3 iPhone. ConditionalWiFi will come in handy especially when your internet service provider caps data and you’d like to prevent certain apps from making heavy use of internet data in the background.


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