Monday, July 18, 2016

How To Quickly Lock iOS 9 iPhone With Its Proximity Sensor

If you want to try new way of using your iDevice then fresh jailbreak tweak will help you to lock iOS 9 iPhone with its proximity sensor. Called ProximityLock, this new Cydia release allows you to lock your device with the proximity sensor by waving your hand over, or putting your finger over the sensor right by the front-facing camera and ear speaker. Here is quick guide on how to install and use this new tweak.

How To Lock iOS 9 iPhone With Its Proximity Sensor

In order to enable lock iOS 9 iPhone with its proximity sensor feature you need to have installed two jailbreak tweaks. This is a feature that can also be accomplished in Ryan Petrich’s popular Activator extension. You would simply use the ProximityActivator, tweak that adds a new proximity sensor gesture to your list of Activator gestures, and then you could assign the action to lock your jailbroken device.

So first navigate to Cydia and install ProximityActivator. Once the tweak is installed grab ProximityLock for free and install as well on your jailbroken iOS 9 iPhone. Once done enable the tweak from the preferences pane that gets added to your Settings app.

After you’ve enabled ProximityLock tweak, you can wave your hand or finger slowly over your proximity sensor, and your iPhone will lock, forcing you to enter a passcode or utilize Touch ID to get back in.

Taking into consideration that the tweak is totally free it works great for those who want to put their iPhone into their pockets without pressing any buttons to lock it. This also may be good if you have a busted sleep button and don’t want to wait for the iPhone’s software-based auto-lock feature to take effect.

Working exactly as advertised, ProximityLock is the great tweak to have on your jailbroken iOS 9 iPhone.


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