Friday, July 1, 2016

How To Launch Apps Inside Notification Center On iOS 9 iPhone

If you want to launch apps inside Notification Center on iOS 9 iPhone then you should check new Cydia release known as NCapps. This jailbreak tweak allows you to quickly open up any app you have on your jailbroken iPhone right from Notification Center. Here is short overview on how NCapps works.

How To Launch Apps Inside Notification Center In iOS 9

To install NCapps tweak on your jailbroken iDevice head to Cydia and download the tweak for just $0.99. Once done, install the tweak on your device. Note that the tweak works only with jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch and supports iOS 9.0 or later.

Once the tweak is installed, you should get an additional tab to the right of the Notifications tab where you will see a grid of your device’s apps. You can click on any of them to launch app inside Notification Center on iOS 9 iPhone. You can see the example on the screenshot below.

You can work with the app exactly the same way you could as if you were using it in normal full-screen mode. The tweak provides you with access to all of the app’s gestures and internal button controls so you can literally use the app from Notification Center.

Once you’re done playing around the app, simply close it via the red ‘X’ button displayed on the top right hand side of the app. Once you do that, you’re brought back to the grid of apps from where you can access other apps in the Notification Center.

What is more if you close Notification Center with an app open, the app will be saved in the device’s memory just like it would be if you were using the app normally. And when you will open Notification Center next time, the app would be already running and ready for work.

The NCapp also provides you with quicker access to another app, as you can access Notification Center from anywhere, whether it’s from the Home screen, or even from within another app.

As the security measures NCapp does not show any apps in Notification Center from the Lock screen if you device is protected with a passcode.


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