Friday, July 15, 2016

How To Hide iPhone Dock And Get Circular Folders Without Jailbreak

If you want to hide dock on iOS 9.3.2 iPhone without jailbreak and get circular folders in iOS 9 then we will show you how to it quickly and easy. As you know currently there is no jailbreak solution available for iOS 9.2 - 9.3.2 devices so some folks are trying to find other ways to customize their stock devices. The guide below will help you to hide dock on your device and make circular folders even without jailbreaking. So let’s take a look at this easy trick.

How To Hide Dock And Get Circular Folders On iOS 9 iPhone

There’s not a whole lot to this trick, which makes it even better because it requires very little effort at all. In order to hide dock on iOS 9.3.2 iPhone without jailbreak and enable circular folders effect you really just have to apply specific wallpapers. 

The good thing about this trick is that there are several nice looking wallpapers to pick from and even with different styles. So it makes it a lot more practical to use. So all you have to do is to setup one of the below wallpapers:

Step 1. Just tap and hold on the photo(s) you want and save it to your camera roll. You’ll notice that the wallpapers are really small, but don't worry is actually part of the trick. 

Step 2. Once it’s saved, you need to set it as your wallpaper , so head to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose New Wallpaper > Camera Roll. When it prompts you to pick “Still” or “Perspective”, select “Still” option. It may work with perspective as well, but if it doesn’t just return to still.

As you see it is extremely simple. Now you iPhone dock has disappeared and you’ll notice that all your folders on the main page would turn into circular. This doesn’t work with multiple pages, but it’s a fun little trick nonetheless.


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