Thursday, July 14, 2016

How To Download And Play Pokemon Go On iOS 9 iPhone

It is now possible to download Pokemon Go for iOS 9 iPhone from the App Store after it was under the testing process during five weeks. The much-anticipated title allows fans to collect their favorite pocket monsters in the real world for the first time.

The game uses augmented reality and real-world maps to allow users to venture into the real world to look for Pokemon to capture. Once collected, Pokemon can be leveled up, traded and used for battle.

When you collect new creatures, you only get their eggs, and there’s no indication what you’ve got until it actually hatches. This encourages players to be more active and collect as many eggs as possible to find the Pokemon they really want.

Pokemon Go is a free download, but there are some in-app purchases that add additional characters and content. Right now, Pokemon Go is only available to US fans even with jailbroken iOS 9 devices. But if you are not from US you can use the guide below to setup this game on your device.

How To Play Pokemon Go Anywhere

Step 1: On your iOS 9.3.2 iPhone, lanch the App Store, click on your Apple ID located at the very bottom of the ‘Featured’ tab and pick sign out.

Step 2: Go over to Settings -> General -> Language & Region on your iOS 9.3 iPhone and set the region to United States.

Step 3: Open the App Store again, scroll down and click on Sign In. This time around, pick the Create new Apple ID option. Confirm your region as United States, and then fill out all the details asked, including a US address for which you can use the address of any Starbucks outlet in the country. For billing info, make sure to click on None otherwise you will have to enter the details of a US credit card.

Step 4: You should receive an email from Apple to confirm your Apple ID. Once its done, head over to the App Store again, download Pokemon Go for iOS 9 iPhone and install the game like you would usually do.
Note you will have to sign in to your original Apple ID if you want to continue to receive updates for the apps that you have already installed on the iPhone.


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