Friday, June 17, 2016

Will It Be Possible To Jailbreak iOS 10 And Release It To Public ?

Just after WWDC 2016 when Apple has introduced its latest software update many users with jaibroken iDevices may think whether to upgrade their devices or wait for iOS 10 jailbreak release. Of course iOS 10 brought many new major features, important enhancements and small tweaks for the whole iOS platform and it is very exciting to try them all. In other case currently it is unknown whether it will be possible to download iOS 10 jailbreak for iPhone and in this post we will find out it.

 Will It Be Possible To Jailbreak iOS 10

Just one month back well-known Italian iOS hacker and developer Luca Todesco showed off a really nifty browser-based jailbreak that worked on iOS 9.3.2 devices. But the hacker ensured that he had no plans to release it to pubic.

At that time Todesco also claimed that Apple’s upcoming iOS 10 release will close a very powerful 0-Day exploit which was used in the jailbreak. This exploit played an instrumental part in the brower-based jailbreak that he showed being installed from the Safari web browser back in May.

Since the exploit is patched in iOS 10, Todesco decided to release the 0-Day exploit to the public in the hopes that a current jailbreak team or hacker will be make it possible to release iOS 10 jailbreak. The hacker ensures that the exploit works on iOS 9.3.3 beta and earlier, which means it has the potential to provide a jailbreak to a large number of users who have gone without for so long.

Since Todesco, is a one-man team, he hopes that one of two jailbreak teams that have launched jailbreak tools for the most recent iOS firmware versions TaiG or Pangu will be able to jailbreak iOS 10 platform. So we will see whether Todesco’s 0-Day exploit will help other famous teams to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 or iOS 10.


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