Tuesday, June 21, 2016

iH8sn0w Managed To Jailbreak iOS 10 iPhone

It is only a week since Apple has introduced it latest software update at WWDC 2016 keynote and surprisingly one of the well-known iOS hackers iH8sn0w has managed to jailbreak iOS 10 iPhone. The hacker has posted a video with jailbroken iPhone 5 running iOS 10. It is unknown yet whether it will be possible to download iOS 10 jailbreak but it proves that Apple’s latest version of its iOS could be eventually be jailbroken.

In the video, iH8sn0w goes on to prove the device is indeed running iOS 10 by deleting the Mail app, and showing off the Maps application that are all new features that Apple demonstrated last week. To prove his jailbreak is of the untether type, the hacker also reboots the device. Cydia is also showed on jailbroken iPhone 5 screen.

Sadly but the hacker didn't share neither information about iOS 10 iPhone jailbreak itself nor about its release date. All we know so far is that it is running on a 32-bit device and it seems that the jailbreak is based on the same iBoot exploit the hacker has already showed off few years ago. If that is indeed the truth, the potential for an iOS 10 jailbreak for newer devices such as the iPhone 6s would be almost inexistent, though those findings might still be useful.

Just one month back another well-known Italian iOS hacker and developer Luca Todesco showed off browser-based jailbreak that worked on iOS 9.3.2 devices. At that time he said that he used very powerful 0-Day exploit to develop his jailbreak that Apple will fix in iOS 10. He showed off this exploit to public in hope that some of the hacker team will use it to release iOS 10 jailbreak.

These two facts indeed shows us a proof that iOS 10 platform could be jailbroken and it is only the question of time who will be the first to release jailbreak for iOS 10 devices.


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