Friday, June 17, 2016

How To Rename Folders With 3D Touch On iOS 10 iPhone 6S

At WWDC 2016 with the introduction of new software update Apple presented new feature to rename folders with 3D Touch on iOS 10 iPhone. This latest Apple's release makes extended use of 3D Touch-driven gestures on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. For example, now you can 3D Touch the bottom row of icons in Control Center to set flashlight intensity, jump directly into a Camera mode, start the timer, head to your last calculation and. You can also delete all notifications with 3D Touch. All these new additions are very handy. 

And here is short review about another useful feature that allows users to rename folders with 3D Touch on iOS 10 iPhone and see apps inside a folder with missed notifications.

How To Rename Folders With 3D Touch In iOS 10

In order to rename folders with 3D Touch on iOS 10 iPhone simply press a folder on your Home screen and then select Rename in the shortcuts menu. This has the same effect as tapping the folder and then its tittle like on prior iOS versions.

If you look carefully at the screenshot below, you’ll notice that the shortcuts menu also allows you to see a per-app breakdown of the received app notifications.

In is really handy as if you have a folder filled with stock apps you don’t use you can easily see from the folder badge that how many notifications these apps have received.

Before iOS 10 release, you had to actually open up the folder and then swipe through multiple app pages to tell from their app badges which ones have unread notifications. Now don't have to waste your time and can just 3D Touch the folder and instantly see in the shortcuts menu that for example from 65 notifications 63 hit Mail and the remaining two the Podcasts app.

Except renaming folders with 3D Touch on iOS 10, you can then drag your finger to pick the app from the shortcuts menu to open the app with unread notifications and act on those missed alerts. This addition is also really saves your time too.


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