Thursday, June 30, 2016

How To Install Cydia Alternative Zestia Without Jailbreaking

If you want to enable new functionalities on your iOS 9 iPhone you can install Cydia alternative without jailbreaking your device. Apple constantly finds ways to kill jailbreaking by patching up all revealed jailbreak exploits with every new iOS update. That's why the jailbreak community is forced to look for alternative means of experiencing Cydia apps and the Zestia is one of such options. Here are easy steps you need to follow to setup Cydia alternative app store Zestia.

How To Install Zestia Without Jailbreak On iOS 9.3.2 iPhone

Step 1: Launch Safari browser and visit this site on your iOS 9 device, then pick Install Zestia option.

Step 2: Then hit Install on the Profile page and fill in your security PIN when asked.

Step 3: Hit Install few times and then finally, Done.

Step 4: Now hit the Home button and you'll see new Zestia icon that should appear on the Home screen. Just tap on the icon to launch Zestia.

Step 5: Once in Zestia, select the app you want to install and follow the procedure through to completion. It’s self explanatory and not at all dissimilar to using the App Store.

Step 6: Now open the Settings app, then click on General > Profile, and then click on the app title you have just installed.

Step 7: Click the Trust option and then tap Trust again on the modal box that appears afterwards.

Step 8: Open your newly downloaded app!

Great job. You have just installed Cydia alternative without jailbreaking your device. Zestia – like Mojo and others stores – will offer you apps that would never see the light of day in the App Store. But if you don't find enough apps to enable the functionally you want on your iPhone then you should do a full jailbreak.


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