Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How To Disable Invite People To Facebook Messenger On iOS 9 iPhone

If you want to disable invite people to Facebook Messenger on iOS 9 iPhone as you find this alerts annoying you can do it downloading new jailbreak tweak called NoInviteFBMessenger. Not only does Facebook offers you all the time to download Facebook Messenger from the App Store, but it also bugs the other people who are messaging you to invite you to Facebook Messenger, and it’s incredibly annoying for both parties. 

For example, you’ve been using Facebook Messenger for years, but some of your friends absolutely refuse to download the mobile app because of the notifications and prefer to message you from the desktop website instead. Facebook in its turn shows you the constant invite alerts to that friends. That's why it can be a real problem as Facebook bothers you all the time because your friends don’t want to use Facebook Messenger.

How To Disable Invite People To Facebook Messenger In iOS 9

Because Facebook Messenger doesn’t let users turn off the annoying “Invite [name] to Messenger” alerts that appear at the top of Facebook Messenger conversations for anyone who doesn’t have the mobile app installed, the jailbreak community has come up with its own response. The new Cydia release allows you to disable the “Invite [name] to Messenger” alerts in the Facebook Messenger app.

So if you have jailbroken iPhone you can now head to Cydia and grab NoInviteFBMessenger. The tweak doesn’t have any options to configure. So once you install it the tweak will disable invite people to Facebook Messenger on your iOS 9 iPhone. If your device isn't jailbroken you can use Pangu jailbreak tool to liberate your iPhone. Note if you have upgraded your device to latest Apple's public software update which is iOS 9.3.2 then you cannot jailbreak your iDevice or downgrade to jailbroken version which is iOS 9.1.


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