Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How To Customize iOS 9 iPhone Spotlight Features

If your iDevice is jailbroken and you want to customize iOS 9 iPhone Spotlight features then you have a great opportunity to do it with jailbreak tweak called PersonalSpotlight. With iOS 9 release brought a totally new Spotlight experience for all iDevices. Although there still remains a lot that could be changed to better suit individual users’ needs. 

PersonalSpotlight jailbreak tweak offers users the ability to personalize their Spotlight experience in a way that better suits them, and you can follow the review below to learn how to install the tweak and how it works.

How To Customize Spotlight Features In iOS 9

Undoubtedly Spotlight is a great feature of iOS that let you easily find anything you need to with a search field. But if you want to enable more and customize iOS 9 iPhone Spotlight features then PersonalSpotlight is a tweak that aims to give jailbreakers the ability to take control of Spotlight’s appearance and behavior.

PersonalSpotlight is available as a free download package from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. The tweak works with iOS 9 devices and is compatible with both Spotlight interfaces in iOS: the one you swipe down to get to, and the one you swipe right to get to.

The tweak is really simple in use. Once installed you can head to a preferences pane in the Settings app where you can start to configure your own personal Spotlight experience on iOS 9 iPhone.

The tweak allows you to do such customizations as: delete your search history when you dismiss Spotlight, disable showing the keyboard when you tap in the search field, keep apps from being launched from the Spotlight interface and a lot more.

PersonalSpotlight is a great tweak that allows you to modify Spotlight’s appearance and functionality to your liking. Also if your device is not jailbroken use Pangu tool for iOS 9 - 9.1 to liberate it. Note if you updated you device to latest software release iOS 9.3.2 then you cannot jailbreak it as this platform is not jailbreable yet.


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