Monday, May 30, 2016

How To Download Videos From Facebook On iOS 9 iPhone

If you have jailbroken iDevice you will love new jailbreak tweak called Prenesi 3 that allows you download videos from Facebook on iOS 9 iPhone and a lot more. This new Cydia release not only supercharges the app with some additional features, but it even allows users to further configure the app’s behavior and features to their liking. So if you want to add more useful features to the Facebook app for your iOS 9.1 device and get ability to quickly download video from Facebook to iPhone 6s check this short review about Prenesi 3 jailbreak tweak.

How To Download Videos From Facebook In iOS 9

Prenesi 3 is a great tweak because it lets you download videos directly from the mobile Facebook app. To install this tweak your device must be jailbroken. Use Pangu tool for iOS 9 - 9.1 devices to liberate your iPhone. The tweak is a free download from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. It works with iOS 7 and later with the latest version of the free Facebook app from the App Store.

After installation Prenesi 3 will add a section for settings in the Facebook app itself. You can get to it from the More tab in the Facebook app, then you can tap on the Prenesi Configuration cell to open the available settings.

After you enable the feature from the tweak’s settings, you can follow steps below to download videos from Facebook on iOS 9 iPhone:

Step 1) Find a video in your News Feed and click on it to open Facebook’s video viewer.

Step 2) Cilck on the drop-down arrow just above and to the right of the video.

Step 3) Click on the Download video button.

Step 4) Click on either the High Quality or Low Quality button depending on what video quality you wish to download the video in.

Step 5) The video will begin downloading and you can follow the percentage in the heads-up display.

Step 6) Once finished, the heads-up display will say Download Complete and you’ll be able to check your Camera Roll to find the video you have downloaded. 

Now you easily watch downloaded videos offline or even share it with any method you want to from the iOS share sheet.


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