Thursday, May 12, 2016

How To Configure Lock Screen On iOS 9 iPhone With 7 In 1 Tweak

Those iDevices users who want to configure Lock screen on iOS 9 iPhone will be surprised checking new jailbreak tweak known as PersonalAssistant. This 7 in 1 Cydia tweak that lets users modify the Lock screen enabling bulk of new configuration options. In this review we will show you how this super tweak works and all of its advantages.

How To Enable More Customization Options On Lock Screen In iOS 9

From a first glance, PersonalAssistant appears to modify the Lock screen with a totally new interface, but as you’ll soon see, it can be applied to different places in iOS 9, such as Notification Center and the two Spotlight interfaces in iOS.

So if you have jailbroken iOS 9 device you can navigate straight to Cydia and download PersonalAssistant for $4.99. TweakWiz, the developer behind the tweak, ensures that PersonalAssistant supports not only on iOS 9 but iOS 8 firmware version as well. 

Once the tweak installed, you can get into the PersonalAssistant preferences pane. Here you can find many sections for configurations. From the main preferences pane, you’ll be able to access the costumization for the tweak, and information about the developers and contact information. 

PersonalAssistant is a 7-in-1 jailbreak tweak; there are actually 7 tweaks built into it. They are named as Acutus, Auxilium, Boltix, Forecast, Horlogium, Phalanx, and Symphonia. Each of these seven tweaks are developed to work with a specific part of iOS. Just below the main preference pane options, you’ll find menu for configuring these seven sub-tweaks. 

So let's have a look with what part of iOS each of this sub-tweaks works:

  • Horlogium sub-tweak that works with the clock part of the PersonalAssitant interface.
  • Forecast, as its name suggests, displays the weather.
  • The Boltix handles the battery information in PersonalAssistant.
  • Auxilium works with reminders and events.
  • Phalanx deals with notifications.
  • Acutus deals with your recently-used and favorite apps.
  • Symphonia works the music player for PersonalAssistant.
Each of these sub-tweaks has its preference pane for configurations.

It is vital to note that with PersonalAssistant enabled you will get new Lock screen interface with useful info such as Date & Time, battery info, current weather conditions, upcoming reminders and events, notifications, currently-playing media and recently-used apps.

PersonalAssistant offers multiple options to configure Lock screen on iOS 9 iPhone. It can become your personal helper and reminder during daytime.


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