Thursday, April 21, 2016

How To Make Long Folder Name On iOS 9 iPhone

Reading our post you will learn how to make long folder name in iOS 9 that will  not be cut off and ended with an dots as shown on the picture below. Unfortunately, the way stock iOS handles longer folder names makes it nearly impossible for anyone to guess what the entire folder title really is. A new Cydia tweak known as Marquee jailbreak tweak enables you to set a longer folder name on your Home screen and have the folder title scroll when its open.

How To Make Folder Name Longer On iOS 9 iPhone

As it has been already said when you have a folder name that is too long for iOS 9 platform to display, you get an ugly cut-off version of the title followed by some dots. Unfortunately, iOS platform just doesn’t support longer titles, which some of users might wish to have.

But when you will install Marquee tweak on your jalbroken iPhone, those longer folder titles that would normally be cut off by iOS will now be shown entirely. 

As you understood to download Marquee tweak your iDevice must be jailbroken. Currently the only available jailbreak solution is Pangu tool for iOS 9- 9.1 devices.

Once the tweak is downloaded from Cydia for free and installed on your device you can start to use it right away. Head to Home screen and make the long folder name. Now try to scroll from left to right so you can see the entire title as it moves. You can the animated GIF example below:

As you can see, after the name finishes scrolling, there is a brief moment of blank space, and then the name will begin scrolling all over again.

Now you know how to make long folder name in iOS 9 without dots. In my opinion, Apple must make this feature be a stock one as for many people long folder name make it easier to identify it.


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