Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How To Fix Size Mismatch Error Cydia On iOS 9 iPhone

If you are trying to find size mismatch error Cydia on iOS 9 iPhone fix then we offer you guide on how to do it. Normally this problem arises when you open Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone to install any particular Cydia tweak or even theme and instead of installation, you are welcomed with this annoying issue. But it is possible to remove and re-add the affected repository to your list of Cydia sources. This will fix size mismatch Cydia issue.

How To Fix Size Mismatch Error Cydia In iOS 9

If you have faced with a size mismatch error, for example with the BigBoss repository after trying to install a free tweak that was just updated, you can easily fix the problem by removing the affected repository from your list of Cydia sources and then adding it back to your device so your device can re-load it. Then you follow this solution to fix this annoying problem.

Step 1) Launch the Cydia app from your iOS 9 Home screen.

Step 2) Next, open the Sources tab.

Step 3) Then click on the Edit button in the navigation bar.

Step 4) Now click on the red – button to the left of the repository giving you the issues. In our case, the tweak was from the BigBoss repository.

Step 5) Hit the red Delete button that appears to the right of the repository. Cydia will then say “Reloading Data” and will delete the repository from the list.

Step 6) Click on the Done button to exit editing mode, and then click on the Cydia tab to return to the Cydia home page.

Step 7) Now Scroll down slightly and click on the More Package Sources button.

Step 8) Next, under the Default Sources section click on the BigBoss repository.

Step 9) Hit OK when asked.

Step 10) After that Cydia will re-add the repository and display a “Reloading Data” alert. Click on the Return to Cydia button. You will notice that the BigBoss repository is back in your list of sources.

Good job. Now you know how to fix size mismatch error Cydia on your iOS 9 iPhone so the next time you will face such issue you can easily fix it.


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