Monday, April 11, 2016

How To Find Out App Size On iOS 9 iPhone With 3D Touch In One Tap

If you are trying to find the easiest way to find out app size on iOS 9 iPhone with 3D Touch then new Cydia tweak does this work in one tap. Usually to check how much storage an app is consuming on your iPhone you have to head to the ‘Storage & iCloud usage’ section of Settings. This requires too many steps for such a simple task. FAppSize is a new jailbreak tweak that provides a quicker way of viewing the storage size of each app.

How To Check App Size On iOS 9 iPhone With 3D Touch

In order to find out app size on iOS 9 iPhone with 3D Touch your iDevice must be jailbroken. Currently the only available jailbreak solution is Pangu tool for iOS 9 devices. Note if you have updated your iPhone to the latest Apple firmware version iOS 9.3.1 then you cannot liberate you device as this software is unjailbreakable.

Once your iPhobe is jailbroken you can head to Cydia and download FAppSize tweak for free of charge and install it. The tweak has no settings to configure so once you’ve installed it, you should be able to see the total storage size of each app by performing a 3D Touch gesture on them.

FAppSize adds a new menu to 3D Touch for displaying the storage size. By performing a 3D Touch gesture on an app, you can view the new menu labeled as “App Size”. Next to it is the total storage size that the app consumes along with its bundle ID.

One additional feature which the developer could add is a shortcut to the Storage section of the app in Settings when the new 3D Touch menu is chosen. In the current version, the new menu just displays the total size of the app and clicking on it does nothing.

FAppSize tweak works with new 3D touch equipped iPhone 6s/6s Plus and with that devices that don’t support 3D Touch through the use of tweak such as RevealMenu.

FAppSize is very simple tweak that can come in handy in certain situations. As you can see, using the tweak, it just takes one step to view the storage size of an app than if you had to go multiple sections in Settings to view it.


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