Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How To Add More Options To iOS 9 iPhone Power Off Interface

If you want to add more options to iOS 9 iPhone power off interface then you should check a jailbreak tweak called PowerDown Customizer. Usually, when you press and hold the sleep button on your iDevice, a slider will be shown to switch off your iPhone. PowerDown Customizer tweak enhanced power off interface on your device bringing to it more options.

How To Add More Options To iPhone Power Off Interface In iOS 9

In order to setup PowerDown Customizer tweak use Pangu jailbreak tool for iOS 9 - 9.1 devices. Now on your jailbroken iPhone go to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and grab PowerDown Customizer for only $0.99. 

Once installed, the tweak will be enabled by default and will add 4 new options to power off interface including Respring, Reboot, Safe Mode and Lock. So to see all new options press and hold the sleep button on your iPhone, and they will be shown in addition to the normal power off options. There is also a dedicated preferences pane in Settings where you can explore all the additional configuration options that this Cydia tweak offers.

PowerDown Customizer tweak also comes with four different styles for customizing the interface. They are:

  • UIAlertView (classical iOS alert)
  • UIActionSheet (classical iOS botton menu)
  • Blurred view with circular button
  • Android Lollipop style (with beautiful material design !)
From the preferences pane, you can enable or disable the tweak on a demand, change the style of the interface, customize the blurred view and Android-styled interfaces. All the changes and configurations you make will take affect right away without requiring to respring your iPhone.

As you see PowerDown Customizer tweak is extremely easy in use and offers the ability to customize the power off interface that differs it from other tweaks of this kind. So if you ever wanted to add more options to iOS 9 iPhone power off interface then PowerDown Customizer is a tweak you must to take for a spin.


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