Tuesday, March 29, 2016

InvertRespring Tweak Inverts The Respring And Reboot Screen Colors On Your iOS 9 iPhone

If you want to try interesting option on your iDevice you can invert the respring and reboot screen colors on iOS 9 iPhone with the help of new jailbreak tweak. Apples engineers developed device in such way that any white-colored iDevice features a white respring or reboot screen with a black Apple logo and any black-colored iDevice the respring or reboot screen is black with a white Apple logo.

For some users this default variants are more than enough for using but others just may want to try something interesting and switch the colors up for themselves. That's why there are multiple hackers that develop jailbreak tweaks which offer new ways of using your iDevice. Called InvertRespring this new jailbreak tweak inverts the respring and reboot screen’s background and Apple logo colors to their opposites. Follow guide below on how to setup this tweak on your iDevice.

How To Invert The Respring And Reboot Screen Colors On iOS 9 iPhone

Step 1. As it was already mentioned to change iOS 9 iPhone respring and reboot screen colors you must jailbreak your iDevice using Pangu tool.

Step 2. Once you have jailbroken your iPhone head to Cydia and search for InvertRespring tweak. It is available as a free download package. Then install the downloaded app on your device.

Step 3. Now when InvertRespring tweak is installed effects are immediate when respringing your jailbroken iPhone. The tweak will switch colors up as following:

  • White iDevice gets black background with white Apple logo
  • Black iDevice gets white background with black Apple logo
There aren’t any other options to configure. Inverting the respring and reboot screen colors on iOS 9 iPhone takes some getting used to. The tweak brings so to say purely a cosmetic effect and doesn't actual have any impact on the performance of the device or any of its features. InvertRespring tweak works with iOS 9 or higher devices.Taking into consideration that InvertRespring tweak is free, it offers interesting way to switch colors on your jailbroken iPhone.


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