Thursday, March 31, 2016

How To Check The Number Of Incorrect Passcode Entries On iOS 9 iPhone

If you suspect that someone attempted to use your iDevice and want to check the number of incorrect passcode entries on iOS 9 iPhone since you last unlocked it then you should check out new Cydia tweak. Called LastLogin, this jailbreak tweak does exactly what you want.

With this Cydia tweak installed you can easily check how many failed passcode attempts someone did on your iOS 9 iPhone. When entering the passcode on the Lock screen, it keeps count of how many times the wrong passcode has been entered and displays this at the top of the screen. So if you are interesting in taking this nifty jailbreak tweak for a spin follow the tutorial below.

How To Check The Number Of Incorrect Passcode Entries On iOS 9 Device

Step 2. Once done navigate to Cydia and search for LastLogin. Once done, download it for free and install on your jailbroken device.

Step 3. Once installed, the tweak doesn’t require any additional costumization. LastLogin will be enabled right away and start to track the number of incorrect passcode entries on your iOS 9 iPhone.

Step 4. As more incorrect passcodes are entered, the count will also increase accordingly. So the next time you will take you device you'll be able to see how hard someone was trying to enter into your iPhone while you were away.

As you may guess, the count text will disappear from the Lock screen after the correct passcode will be successfully entered and unlock your iPhone. It is also vital to note that the text will not disappear until the correct passcode has been entered so there’s no way that an intruder can hide it unless they are smart enough to do a hard reboot.

So if you have been worried that someone tries to access your iOS 9 iPhone while you’re away, you should use LastLogin tweak.


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