Monday, February 22, 2016

How To Erase App Badges With 3D Touch On iOS 9 iPhone

Reading this post you can learn how to clear app badges with 3D Touch on iOS 9 iPhone with new Cydia tweak. As every iDevice owner you use app badges to check how many notifications are pending in an app. But for someone it can get really irritating when you are unable to delete them quickly, for instance in stock Mail app where there are tons of unread emails. New jailbreak tweak, called QuickClear, reveals 3D Touch shortcut menu on any app icon with a notification badge to quickly delete the badge from the app icon. So if you are 3D Touch fan and jailbreaker then follow steps below on how to install and use this new Cydia tweak.

How To Erase App Badges With 3D Touch In iOS 9

Step 1. Those who haven't jailbroken iOS 9 device yet should do it using Pangu tool.

Step 2. Once done, head to Cydia and grab QuickClear for free.

Step 3. With no preferences pane for configuration, you can start to use the tweak, once you’ve installed it.

Step 4. Find an app on your Home screen with a pending notification badge and then simply perform a 3D Touch gesture on it to view the shortcut menu. 

Step 5. In this menu there’s a new option under the “Clear Badge” label that does exactly what it says. The label also shows the total amount of notifications that are pending in the particular app. Click on the ‘Clear Badge’ shortcut to hide the red badge from the app icon. You can do this for any app that you wish with 3D Touch as long as they have a notification badge to hide on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus.

We should note here that clearing app badges with 3D Touch on iOS 9 iPhone will also remove the corresponding notifications from Notification Center. This means that it won’t appear in iOs 9 Notification Center anymore when you remove the badge notification using 3D Touch gesture.

In case you don't have an iPhone with 3D Touch functionality, you can still use QuickClear on your iPhone by using revealMenu tweak that enables this new feature on older iDevices. 

Having the ability to clear unwanted notification badges without having to open up and load an app you will save your time. So you should give QuickClear tweak a try.


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