Monday, February 22, 2016

How To Enable iOS 7 App Switcher On iOS 9 iPhone

For those who want to enable iOS 7 App Switcher on iOS 9 iPhone we offer easy guide on how to install new Cydia tweak that brings some functionality from older mobile platform. Apple released a redesigned App Switcher in iOS 9 focused on improved aesthetics. Due to users reports, the iOS 9 App Switcher isn’t always very responsive to upward swipes and sometimes it can be slower and laggy especially on older iOS devices.

Those users who miss the fluidity and responsiveness of the iOS 7 App Switcher, and own a jailbroken device, have a great possibility to grab a new jailbreak tweak called AppSwitcher7 that will provide you with more functional interface.

Although there some Cydia tweaks that offer few options from older iOS platforms but AppSwitcher7 allows you to go back to the way things were with iOS 7, providing you with an App Switcher that hardly ever mistook your swipes for something else, and where the app cards were nicely spaced apart so you never closed the wrong one by accident.

How To Setup iOS 7 App Switcher In iOS 9

Step 1. In order to use AppSwitcher7 tweak on your iOS 9 device it must be jailbroken first.

Step 2. Now navigate to Cydia and download the tweak and then install it. 

Step 3. AppSwitcher7 doesn’t have any options to configure, but it does add a toggle switch to the Settings app that you’ll need to turn on for the tweak to function on your jailbroken device.

Step 4. To enable iOS 7 App Switcher on iOS 9 iPhone you will need to turn the tweak off, which will automatically respring your iPhone immediately afterwards, and then you’ll have to turn the toggle switch back on again; this will once again respring your device.

Step 5. After doing these steps, you should start seeing the iOS 7 styled App Switcher when you launch it rather than the iOS 9 version.

So those folks who miss the simplicity of the iOS 7 App Switcher or have an older iPhone model , AppSwitcher7 is a great jailbreak tweak to have on your jailbroken device.


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