Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How To Add Current Temperature To Weather App Icon On iOS 9 iPhone

If you always want to know the weather outside you can add current temperature to Weather app icon on iOS 9 iPhone installing the upcoming jailbreak tweak. Called Meteor, this Cydia tweak brings weather conditions and temperature to your Home screen Weather app icon. This is very handy as along with the enhancements to the Weather app icon, Meteor lends weather information to the iOS status bar. So if you have jailbroken iPhone you can follow the steps below on how to install this great tweak on your device when it will be released.

How To Add Current Temperature To Weather App Icon In iOS 9

Remember if you have accidently updated your device to iOS 9.2.1 you would had lost the jailbreak and Cydia tweak installed. So you won't be able to grab this tweak as at present there is no jailbreak tool available for this firmware version.

Step 1. First navigate to Cydia and download Meteor for $1.99. Once done install it.

Step 2. Once the Meteor is installed, you can go to the stock Settings app to find tweak's preference panel. Inside the tweak’s preferences, you’ll find the obligatory kill switch, along with several customization options for changing the look of the tweak on both the Weather app icon, and in the status bar.

Step 3. Once you have set everything due to your taste, Meteor’s settings requires a respring of your device for changes to take place.

Step 4. However, it’s possible to change the weather readout on both the status bar and the Weather app icon, simply by rearranging the order of the Weather app’s cards. Once you place a card at the beginning, that particular location will be the location used to output Meteor’s pertinent information.

There are some other tweaks that bring some costumization to Weather icon but Meteor is interesting tweak that brings its own unique feature-set to the table. Adding current temperature to Weather app icon on iOS 9 iPhone Meteor provides users with good-looking and accurate weather information. I think it is handy tweak to have in your collection.


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