Monday, February 15, 2016

Flame Allows You To Customize Cydia On iOS 9 iPhone

If you would like to customize Cydia on iOS 9 iPhone you should check new jailbreak tweak that was recently launched. Among all the things you can configure in iOS with a jailbreak, one of the things we’ve not seen a whole lot of support for is Cydia, which is now fully customizable thanks to Cydia Substrate 1.1.19 and later because it runs as mobile instead of root. A big number of jailbreak tweaks have been launched to bring new features to Cydia and give it a new look. Flame is the latest jailbreak tweak that provides you with the bulk of new customization features for the entire Cydia app.

This useful tweak addes a bunch of great new features missing from Cydia to make it easier for users to perform various tasks along with improving the user experience.

How To Customize And Add New Features To Cydia In iOS 9

Step1. Of course first of all jailbreak your device with available Pangu tool. Since there is no public jailbreak for iOS 9.1- 9.2.1 devices you cannot grab this tweak if you are on any of this firmware versions.

Step 2. Now on your jailbroken iPhone go to Cydia. There, search for Flame tweak that is available for free. Install downloaded app on your device.

Step 3. Once installed, you can use the tweak right away navigating to the tweak’s preferences pane in Settings. Here, you can enable or disable each of the features provided with tweak along with configuring them. You can set the timeout duration, customize Cydia’s interface, choose the default tab in Cydia and much more.

Step 4. To export a list of your Cydia sources and installed tweaks, you need to head to the Installed tab in Cydia and you’ll find a new folder icon in the top left corner. Click on it and pick the content that you’d like to export. Once the list has been generated, you can then email it to yourself.

Likewise, you can share information about a particular Cydia package by opening its depiction or details page and clicking on the share icon in the top right corner.

With Flame you will be able to customize Cydia on iOS 9 iPhone and it provides some new features that a every user would definitely need.


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