Monday, February 1, 2016

Download iOS 9.3 beta 2 Without Developer Account On iDevice

Those folks who are not signed as the developer but want to try Apple's last firmware update can iOS 9.3 beta 2 download without UDID using direct links provided in our post. Apple company has seeded the second beta of iOS 9.3 to developers for testing. This latest beta update comes after iOS 9.3 beta 1was pushed couple of weeks back and more than a month after iOS 9.2 firmware became available to public.

The most recent beta of iOS 9.3 has been found to allow the iPad Pro to update accessories’ firmware through its Smart Connector. The new firmware has solved a few annoying issues with Logitech’s keyboard case: flaky connectivity, lagginess and keystrokes not registering properly. Apple added revamped Night Shift settings panel in the Settings app. In addition, Apple Watch companion app now shows current Watch face.

This software is available to registered developers either over-the-air, for those running the latest iOS beta, or via Apple’s developer website. But as was mentioned above you can download iOS 9.3 beta 2 without UDID and developer account using direct links below for compatible device:


iPod touch 5 - Model A1421, A1509
iPod touch 6 - Model A1574


iPhone 4[S] - Model A1387, A1431
iPhone 5 (GSM) - Model A1428
iPhone 5 (Global) - Model A1429, A1442
iPhone 5c (GSM) - Model A1456, A1532
iPhone 5c (Global) - Model A1507, A1516, A15261, A1529
iPhone 5s (GSM) - Model A1453, A1533
iPhone 5s (Global) - Model A1457, A15181, A15281, A1530
iPhone 6 Plus - Model A1522, A1524
iPhone 6 - Model A1549, A1586
iPhone 6S - Model A1633, A1688, A1691, A1700
iPhone 6S Plus - Model A1634, A1687, A1690, A1699


iPad 2 (WiFi) - Model A1395
iPad 2 (GSM) - Model A1396
iPad 2 (CDMA) - Model A1397
iPad 2 (Mid 2012) - A1395
iPad Mini (WiFi) - Model A1432
iPad Mini (GSM) - Model A1454
iPad Mini (Global) - Model A1455
iPad 3 (WiFi) - Model A1416
iPad 3 (CDMA) - Model A1403
iPad 3 (GSM) - Model A1430
iPad 4 (WiFi) - Model A1458
iPad 4 (GSM) - Model A1459
iPad 4 (Global) - Model A1460
iPad Air (WiFi) - Model A1474
iPad Air (Cellular) - Model A1475
iPad Air (China) - Model A1476
iPad Mini 2 (WiFi) - Model A1489
iPad Mini 2 (Cellular) - Model A1490
iPad Mini 2 (China) - Model A1491
iPad Mini 3 (WiFi) - Model A1599
iPad Mini 3 (Cellular) - Model A1600
iPad Mini 3 (China) - Model A1601
iPad Mini 4 (WiFi) - Model A1538
iPad Mini 4 (Cellular) - Model A1550
iPad Air 2 (WiFi) - Model A1566
iPad Air 2 (Cellular) - Model A1567
iPad Pro (WiFi) - Model A1584
iPad Pro (Cellular) - Model A1652

iOS 9.3 is a major update to the iOS 9 operating system, which includes few new features and improvements such as Night Shift mode that makes use of the iOS device’s clock and geolocation to automatically shift the colors in the display to warmer end of the spectrum to reduce exposure to bright blue light in the event, to make it easier on user's eyes. You can simply toggle the mode on and off, there is an option to leave it enabled until the next day.

iOS 9.3 also includes the ability to password and Touch ID protect Notes, revamped News app, new 3D Touch Quick Actions for stock apps like Weather, Settings, Compass, Health, App Store, and iTunes Store. It also brings the ability to duplicate the Live Photo as a still image, improvements to the Health app, Apple Music support in CarPlay.


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