Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How To Manage And Control Music On iOS 9 iPhone

We offer a guide on how setup Clex3 jailbreak tweak that helps to manage and control music on iOS 9 iPhone. This interesting Cydia tweak allows music listeners to have better control over all of their music content. The tweak brings two controllers onto the iDevice, which lets listeners control music playback, lyrics to the current playing song, and other music by the same artist they are listening to.

How To Easily Manage And Control Music In iOS 9

Before you proceed:
Step 1. Navigate to Cydia and download Clex3 tweak on your jailbroken device for $2.99. Once done install it.

Step 2.To use first controller swipe from the left of the screen towards the right side of the screen and the second one can be accessed from the right side of the device to the left side. Two controllers have different functionality, making it possible for users to control music without opening the Music application. The controller on the right is the one where users can manage music they are listening to, and the left controller (called Clexboard) just has multiple plugins.

Step 3. Currently there are 4 preinstalled plugins; albums, iTunes, songs, and playlists. As the names of these four plugins suggest, they give access to certain options and song lists right on the tweak’s left panel. You can switch between these plugins by tapping on the icons.

As of now the tweak offers only four plugins by default and more can be added later by the developer of Clex3 and other third-party developers. For those who want to manage and control music on iOS 9 iPhone Clex3 is the best choice.


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