Thursday, January 14, 2016

How To Customize Keyboard On iOS 9 iPhone

For those who are bored of the classic grey color we have an great guide how to customize keyboard on iOS 9 iPhone. Of course many users want to change this sad default color and they will definitely find few jailbreak tweaks that will allow them to play around, customize and add their own configurations to the keyboard. But if you prefer the deep personalized level of customization of  the official Apple keyboard, then new iKeys tweak might be the one for you. This tweak allows users to customize Apple’s keyboard option and really give it the extra touch. So follow step below to download and install this Cydia tweak on your iDevice.

How To Customize iPhone Keyboard In iOS 9

Step 1. In order  to customize keyboard on iOS 9 iPhone you'll need a jailbroken device running anything between 8.1 to 9 firmware versions.

Step 2. Now navigate to Cydia and download the tweak. Once done install iKeys on your jailbroken device.

Step 3. This tweak presents such customization options as changing colors and transparency. But aside from these features developer, orangebananaspy, has incorporated pre-made keyboard presets, referred to as “Recipes” in the app, making them available to users. With these “Recipes” users can easier create their own keyboard presets.

Step 4. Those who are interested in going the deep customization level can use Green Goblin to create their own custom recipes.

Step 5. There are bulk of in-app purchases available as well once you have this downloaded. Users will be able to subscribe to the Recipe Store for either $1 per month or $10 per year if they are extremely into changing their keys often. 

For a lot of users this price can be a little bit high and of course there are few alternative tweaks that can provide similar functionality. But if you will try this Cydia tweak you will notice that besides its customization options it is very easy in use.


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