Friday, January 29, 2016

How To Bring Enhanced iOS 6 App Switcher To iOS 9 iPhone

If you want to bring improved iOS 6 App Switcher to iOS 9 iPhone then go on reading our post. If you prefer to use liberated iPhone, then ClassicSwitcher 3 is a popular Cydia tweak that brings an enhanced iOS 6 App Switcher to most recent adaptations of iOS.

 Up to this point, the tweak supported only iOS 8 running iDevices however the developer behind the ClassicSwitcher released a new update for the tweak that adds support for iOS 9 firmware version. For those who never heard about the tweak, it brings back the old look and feel of the iOS 6 App Switcher to latest versions of iOS.

Rather than review the sneak peak cards of dynamic applications in the App Switcher, ClassicSwitcher replaces it with the iOS 6 style which highlights application symbols just instead of sneak peak cards. Follow steps below to setup this tweak on your device.

How To Bring Improved iOS 6 App Switcher To iOS 9 iPhone

Before you proceed check the following information:

Step 1. Head to Cydia and download ClassicSwitcher 3 tweak on your iPhone.

Step 2. Once done, install the downloaded program.

Step 3. Now with ClassicSwitcher 3 iOS 9 update you will be able to get a speedy review of the majority of the running applications in a solitary page. In addition, the tweak amplifies the usefulness of the exemplary App Switcher by permitting to close all applications without a moment’s delay, see more symbols per line and a great deal more.

So if you are fond of older style and want to bring improved iOS 6 App Switcher to iOS 9 iPhone then you should definitely grab ClassicSwitcher 3.


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