Monday, January 4, 2016

How To Add A Progress Bar To Respring Screen On iOS 9 iPhone

Have you ever wish to add a progress bar to respring screen on iOS 9 iPhone? The new jailbreak tweak brings exactly this functionality to your iDevice. Called RespringProgress from developer Ethan Arbuckle this Cydia tweak places a progress bar on the respring screen of your iOS 9 device and keeps you informed of its progress. This is the same black screen where the white Apple logo resides after performing a respring post jailbreak tweak install, or after invoking respring-oriented jailbreak tweaks.

This is quite useful as you will be aware of the respring progress and can also determine when your device enters boot loop from the installation of a faulty tweak. So follow the tutorial below to setup RespringProgress tweak on your jailbroken device.

How To Enable A Progress Bar To Respring Screen In iOS 9

Before you proceed please note that the tweak supports only iOS 9 firmware, so those users who has jailbroken devices on older iOS versions cannot grab it. We should add that it does work on jailbroken iPads running iOS 9 as well. But those folks who updated their devices to either iOS 9.1 or 9.2 firmware versions are unlucky as currently both these platforms are unjailbreakable.

Step 2. Now download RespringProgress tweak from Cydia for $0.99.

Step 3. Once installed, you can start to use RespringProgress as there is no settings to configure. Keep in mind that the progress bar is only displayed after you respring your device which usually happens after you install a new tweak from Cydia.

Step 4. As the developer notes, the tweak keeps track of the number of objects that Springboard loads while your iOS 9 device is performing a respring and compares it to the total number that would signify Springboard as done. The progress bar increases gradually as new objects are created.

Adding a progress bar to respring screen on iOS 9 iPhone RespringProgress is more of a visual tweak and it is a good way of keeping track of the progress of a respring process.


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