Friday, January 22, 2016

How To Add Apple Watch Icon To iOS 9 iPhone Status Bar

If you want to add Apple Watch icon to iOS 9 iPhone Status bar then go on reading our post. The Status bar gains some useful information that is always handy for us. You can always check the strength of your WiFi connection, your iPhone battery level, carrier signal connectivity and much more. Of course it would be also great if the Status bar also shows the Apple Watch connectivity status. Those who have already jailbroken their iOS 9 device are really lucky as WatchConnection is a new jailbreak tweak that aims to bring this status icon.

How To Add A New Icon To iPhone Status Bar When Connected To Apple Watch

Step 1. In order to add Apple Watch icon to iOS 9 iPhone Status bar you should be jailbroken. If you have already liberated your device then move to the next step.

Step 2. Now to install the tweak add the following new source to Cydia:

Step 3. This WatchConnection tweak doesn’t offer any dedicated preferences pane for configuration. But it would be better if the developer provided an option for customizing the Apple Watch Status bar icon.

Step 4. This Cydia tweak provides a Status bar icon for Apple Watch that is placed on the right side of the Status bar. You should start seeing this new icon whenever you are connected to your wearable device. As soon as you connect to smartwatch, an icon will be added to the Status bar to keep you informed of its connectivity. The icon disappears as soon your iPhone is disconnected from your Apple Watch.

WatchConnection tweak works as advertised and is a good way of keeping track of your Apple Watch connectivity. So it would be a nice addition to your jailbroken iPhone. There is only one issue, the tweak doesn’t show the Status bar icon when in Lock screen.


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