Monday, December 28, 2015

Jailbreak Tweak Adds 3D Touch Feature To Older iOS 9 Devices

In case you don't plan to buy new Apple's iPhone models such as iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus but want to add 3D Touch feature tweak for older iOS devices then you should check RevealMenu jailbreak tweak. This new iOS 9 Cydia tweak that brings 3D Touch Quick Actions to older devices.

With this tweak installed you can click and hold on any app icon on iDevice's Home screen to apply for the 3D Touch-style menu. There are some other tweaks that bring this functionality. But what’s interesting about this tweak is that it is possible to slide your finger to any of the menu options to launch them without lifting your finger off the screen in one single gesture.

With 3D touch feature installed on your older iPhone model you can use it to apply various new options on you iOS 9 device. For example, with Cabbage tweak you can queue songs in Music app in iOS 9 .

How To Add 3D Touch Feature To Older iOS 9 Devices

Step 1. First and foremost jailbreak your iOS 9 device with Pangu tool.

Step 2. Next, navigate to Cydia and download RevealMenu tweak for free of charge. Install it.

Step 3. RevealMenu doesn’t have any settings to configure. So you can go ahead and work with it. Now simply click and hold on the app icons on the Home screen to invoke the 3D Touch-style menu on your jailbroken device.

Step 4. Usually, you can enter edit mode by a short hold gesture on an app icon but since that is dedicated to the tweak’s 3D Touch functionality, you can instead swipe up an app icon, either when the menu is launched or closed, to go into edit mode.

One of the RevealMenu key features is haptic feedback. Unfortunately, currently RevealMenu doesn’t provide it, but the developer has claimed that he will add it with future updates. He also added that he was also planning to bring Peek & Pop functionality. Bringing 3D Touch feature for older iOS devices the tweak is the solid one to have it on your iOS 9 device.


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