Monday, December 14, 2015

How To Switch Between SMS And iMessage On iOS 9 iPhone

If you often need to switch between SMS and iMessage on iOS 9 iPhone then you should go on reading our post. It was long ago, when there was biteSMS popular jailbreak tweak that brought bulk of improvements to the stock Messages app. And as you may guess one of its key features was the ability to quickly switch between SMS and iMessage via the Send button.

But unfortunately biteSMS hasn’t been updated since iOS 7 and some of its features have been adopted by other Cydia jailbreak tweaks. But for those users who have already jailbroken their iOS 9 devices with Pangu tool we have good news. SwitchService is recently released jailbreak tweak that brings back the biteSMS's ability to switch quickly between iMessage and SMS. So follow steps below to set up this SwitchService tweak on your jailbroken device.

 How To Switch Between SMS And iMessage In iOS 9

Step 1. If you’d like to download SwitchService then it is possible to grab it from the following repo: Once done, install the tweak on your device.

Step 2. SwitchService comes with a dedicated preferences pane available in Settings. There you can turn it on and off using the kill switch toggle.

Step 3. You can also adjust the touch hold time. A longer duration means that you have to perform the tap and hold gesture for a longer time before the message type changes.

Step 4. Now simply launch the stock Messages app, open a message thread, and long-press on the Send button to toggle between SMS and iMessage messages.

Step 5. As you long-press on the Send button, you’ll see the color of the button change to display the protocol that will be used to send the message. For instance, the button will be colored green if it is an SMS message and blue for iMessage (a green Send button = an SMS message, blue Send button = an iMessage).

The tweak works perfectly as described without any issues and is really useful to quickly switch between SMS and iMessage on iOS 9 iPhone. So if you face with annoying problem when you want to send an SMS but it gets sent as an iMessage then you should give this tweak a try.


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