Thursday, December 3, 2015

How To Enable Best App Launcher On iOS 9 Device

If you are trying to find the best app launcher for iOS 9 iPhone to change the experience of launching applications on your iOS device, then check recently released Cydia jailbreak tweak. The Fern is a customizable app launcher tweak for jailbroken device. There are some other Cydia tweaks that do the same work. But Fern is a really simple launcher that can be activated through an assigned Activator gesture. So follow the guide below to set it up on your iDevice.

How To Enable App Launcher On iOS 9 iPhone

Step 2. Now go to Cydia and grab Fern program. The price is $1.99.

Step 3. Once installed, head over to the Settings app and launch Fern’s preferences. It’s there where you can assign the Activator Method for invoking the launcher.

Step 4. So after establishing Fern’s activation details, use the gesture to open the launcher, and you’ll see the two views: App and Favorites. The first page lists all your applications, while the second one is the Favorites page where you can access your 5 most used apps. Use a simple swipe gesture to switch between the views.

Step 5. To add applications to the Favorites view, visit the Apps view and tap and hold on an app that you wish to add. You can use the same gesture on the Favorites view to remove apps from that view.

Step 6. You can also find few additional preferences in Fern’s settings for changing up the look of the tweak. You can configure the interface to default to either view, enable or disable blur, change the background to either blur, transparent or dark, and choose between the grid view and the list Apps view.

Step 7. Another useful feature is the ability to hide certain applications so that they will not be shown on the launcher interface.

So if you’re looking for a well-designed app launcher for iOS 9 iPhone tweak then Fern is the solid one to have on your device. It is easy in use, stable and gains iOS 8 and iOS 9.


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