Monday, December 21, 2015

How To Add iOS Share Sheet To YouTube App On iOS 9 iPhone

Here is useful guide on how to add iOS share sheet to YouTube app on iOS 9 iPhone. The New 2016 Year is around the corner, and the official YouTube app still carries antiquated built-in sharing options instead of the native iOS 9 share sheet that most modern apps use on the platform. According to reports Google insists on keeping its design language in many of its apps, even though it looks out of place on iOS. Also we should add that YouTube’s built-in sharing options are a lot less functional and flexible.

But those folks who own jailbroken device have an opportunity to use new Cydia tweak that brings the above mentioned functionality. Called Native YouTube Share the tweak forces the YouTube app to carry the stock iOS 9 sharing sheet when sharing videos. It sounds great, isn't it? So follow the below steps to setup this tweak on your iDevice.

How To Add iOS Share Sheet To YouTube App In iOS 9

Step 1. To proceed, first you need to jailbreak your iPhone using Pangu tool for iOS 9-9.0.2 devices. Once done, head to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and grab the Native YouTube Share tweak. It is available as a free download package.

Step 2. Once you install this jailbreak tweak, it should start working immediately as there is no settings to configure. It is vital to note here that your iDevice should run the official YouTube app to reap the benefits of this Cydia tweak.

Step 3. So how to add iOS share sheet to YouTube app on iOS 9 iPhone. First launch the YouTube app on your jailbroken iDevice and while watching a video click on the Share button. You should see new the iOS 9 share sheet instead of YouTube’s old built-in sharing options. On the picture above you can see a before and after results. Enjoy.!


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