Friday, December 4, 2015

Few Steps To Change Predictive Text Color On iOS 9 Device

If you like to refresh the look of your iDevice then there is the way to change Predictive text color on iOS 9 iPhone. As it goes without saying, jailbreaking always brings new way of using your iDevice and now it offers new ColorPredictive tweak. Predictive text on our iDevices is the handy feature in guessing the next word you may type on your device. So if you want to gain some minor modification in the look of the Predictive text, differentiating it from the normal text follow the guide below.

How To Change Predictive Text Color On iOS 9 Device

Step 1. In order to change Predictive text color on iOS 9 iPhone first you need to jailbreak your device using Pangu tool. Be attentive, if you are on 9.1 version then you cannot use this tweak, as currently there is no jailbreak released for this version.

Step2. Now launch Cydia and search ColorPredictive by developer cole cabral.
Step 3. Next, install the tweak and respring your iOS 9 device.

Step 4. Once your device is back on, navigate to Settings -> ColorPredictive. You will need to enable it first, then tap on, “Pick the color of your choice.”

Step 5. Enabling the option above you will be taken to a color array, were you can select your color with drag of your finger or simple click. You can also use the sliders to configure the RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) of your selected color. You can also enter in a Hex color code if you have one, or find one online. Once you have selected your color, in Messages and view your new color changes.

That's it. As you see it was extremely easy. So if you are looking to make your iOS 9 device endlessly unique then check the ColorPredictive tweak that is available for free of charge.


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