Thursday, December 10, 2015

3DNotifications Enables 3D Touch Peek And Pop Notification On iOS 9

If you like to take advantage from jailbreaking then you need to check 3D touch Peek and Pop notification tweak for iOS 9 devices. As you may know Peek and Pop functionality allows users to preview various types of content with 3D Touch and when tap harder you can fully access them.

Apple released it ninth version of its mobile operation system on September together with new iPhone models. Just after that event Chinese team Pangu pushed an jailbreak solution for iOS 9 - 9.0.2 devices. There are some jailbreak tweaks that with 3D Touch functionality enable different new features for older iDevices. And here is another tweak called 3DNotifications that was recently debuted on Cydia.

This tweak brings Peek and Pop functionality to iOS 9 notifications in Notification Center. When you tap lightly on a notification you will see its preview, which contains additional content relevant to the notification. When you will tap harder on the notification it will open it in the corresponding app.

How To Enable 3D Touch Peek And Pop Notification On iOS 9

Step 1. First jailbreak your iOS 9 device using Pangu tool. Once done go ahead to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and download 3DNotifications for $1.50.

Step 2. You don't need any additional configuration to start working with 3DNotifications tweak. Once you’ve installed it, simply launch Notification Center and perform 3D Touch on the supported notifications to take a glance at their preview.

Unfortunately, the 3D touch Peek and Pop notification tweak for iOS 9 supports only iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

The 3DNotifications tweak currently supports messages notifications to peek into the conversation history, also calendar events to view more details corresponding to an event. The tweak enables mail notifications to view the entire content of a mail. What is more, using the tweak you can peek at Apple Pay Card info and transaction history and view additional details about missed phone and FaceTime calls.

Using 3D Touch for notifications means that you no longer need to open an app to view its additional content. That's why the tweak is very useful and Apple should implement its functionality in later iterations of iOS.


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