Saturday, November 7, 2015

iOS 9.1 App Store Not Working Issue Fix Tips

We have tried to find the iOS 9.1 App Store not working issue fix tips, as many users have left multiple reports about this type of problem. If we will go back to 2014 then at the end of the year, an issue affected many iOS users experiencing an inability to connect to the App Store, or any other Apple services through their Apple ID. At that time the fix was seemingly simple enough: sign out and then sign back in through the App Store on the affected iDevice.

And now a lot of iOS 9.1 users are also experiencing the same issue, despite the fact that iOS 9.1‘s release was meant to fix a similar issue many were facing on iOS 9.0.2 devices. And here that simple tip to fix this issue doesn't work. What is more for many the issue has extended beyond just the App Store.

Frustrated users in their reports indicates that their Apple ID seems unusable on their iOS device. As many users point out, accessing Game Center, the App Store, or even Apple Music. The other interesting thing is that users were successful in logging out on their device, aren’t able to sign back in at all, rendering the iPhone useless as it can’t access their Apple ID.

Trying to find how to fix App Store connectivity issues on iOS 9.1users have rebooted their devices, reset them, but nothing is working in their case. Other users stated that they were able to sign back into the App Store after they’ve signed out, but unfortunately, the Store was empty. It didn’t show any past purchases, updates to installed apps.

Some can use Game Center, but not Apple Music or the App Store. Others can still access Apple Music, but the App Store and Game Center are inaccessible, while other variations of accessibility exist as well.

We can say in conclusion that all that effected by this issue devices have been upgraded to iOS 9.1update. It should also be mentioned here that most of reported users indicated they haven't experienced the issue running iOS 9.0.2 firmware.

So the only iOS 9.1 App Store not working issue fix should come from Apple in the form of iOS updates. Currently Apple seeded iOS 9.2 beta 2 to developers, but it isn't unknown whether this minor update carries the fix or not. Also you can not downgrade back to more stable 9.0.2 version as Apple has closed this signing window.


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