Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How To Open Unlimited Tabs In Safari On iOS 9 Device

The new jailbreaks tweak allows to open unlimited tabs in Safari on iOS 9 Device. As you know usually in Safari you can launch a maximum of 36 tabs. However this count is more than enough, over time you end up hitting that limit. Called Xaris this new iOS 9 tweak extends this limit to endlessness.

How To Open Unlimited Tabs On iOS 9 Safari

With the tweak installed, you will have the freedom to open as many tabs as you’d need. If you get rid of the 36 tabs limit Xaris lets you to open as many tabs as you’d need in Safari on jailbroken with Pangu tool device. We are not sure how many additional tabs your iPhone can handle but we think that you can open as many as you can until your iOS device runs out of memory.

The tweak doesn't support some additional features. Once you install it, you’re not required to do any additional configuration to get started. Simply open Safari and enjoy launching as many tabs as you’d need. It is vital to note here that if you will open unlimited tabs in Safari on iOS 9 it can consume your device’s memory which can slow down web browser when using.

To get your hands on this tweak, you can download it for free of charge via Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Xaris works on all devices running iOS 8 or iOS 9, but it must be jailbroken whether with TaiG tool for 8 running devices or Pangu jailbreak for 9 devices.

Although Xaris sounds interesting, we don’t think why a normal user would need it when the default number of tabs you can open in Safari is 36. This is more than enough for a normal user unless you have the habit of not closing your unused tabs.


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