Monday, November 2, 2015

How To Enable Unicode Face Keyboard On iOS 9 iPhone

You can easily enable iOS 9 unicode face keyboard on your jailbroken device using the new Cydia tweak. This new jailbreak tweak called Unicode Faces allows users to add a unicode face keyboard to your jailbroken iOS device. The tweak, which is compatible with both iOS 8 and iOS 9, makes it easy to input over two dozen Unicode faces using a specially designed keyboard.

The Unicode Faces is really easy in use. Once you install Unicode Faces, you’ll need to find the tweak’s preference panel in the stock Settings app. Then inside of tweak's preferences, you’ll spot a section used for activating the Unicode Faces keyboard.

Users have the option of using a tap-and-hold on the emoji button, or on the space bar. You can easily try them both out. I was able to get the tweak working well with a tap-and-hold on the space bar but for some incomprehensible reasons I found that I couldn’t get the emoji button activation to work properly.

The big advantage of using Unicode Faces is that the keyboard appears as a quick overlay on top of the current keyboard. This is really handy. It means that you don’t actually need to switch between keyboards, and instead, the unicode faces appear only when you need it and quickly goes away when you don’t. Isn't it great?

After launching Unicode Faces, you’ll see a list of different faces to choose from. It’s certainly far from a groundbreaking tweak, but some users prefer this style of unicode faces over the typical emoji icon. If you one of them, then you should definitely head over to the BigBoss repo and grab Unicode Faces for a spin. The big advantage is that the tweak supports both 8 and 9 version firmwares. So you can download Unicode Faces even if your iOS 8.4 device is jailbroken with TaiG tool or 9.0.2 device with Pangu tool.


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