Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How To Downgrade iOS 9.1 To 9.0.2 On iDevice

Follow our tutorial to downgrade iOS 9.1 to 9.0.2 on your iDevice. If you upgraded your iDevice to 9.1 accidentally and want to run iOS 9.0.2 again then currently it is still possible to do it as 9.0.2 signing window is still opened. The other reason why you may want to downgrade from iOS 9.1 is that 9.0.2 version is currently jailbreakable using Pangu tool. So our guide will be useful in this case too.

How To Downgrade iOS 9.1 To 9.0.2

Important points before you proceed:
  • It is possible to downgrade as long as Apple continues to sign iOS 9.0.2 firmware file. Once Apple closes the window, which could be anytime now, you won't be able to downgrade.
  • In case something goes wrong please take a backup of your iOS device to iCloud or via iTunes.
Step 1: First disable Find my iPhone via the Settings app (Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone).
Step 2: Now download the iOS 9.0.2 firmware file compatible for your iPhone.
Step 3: Disable Find My iPhone: navigate back to the main Settings interface and go to iCloud > Find My iPhone. Now, simply disable the Find My iPhone feature.
Step 4: Connect your iOS 9.1 device to your Mac or PC.
Step 5: Next, open iTunes, click on device icon on top left, then click the Summary tab in the left panel under Settings.On the screen you will see the details of your connected iOS device, including your current running version of iOS, and if it’s up-to-date or not. But it is not so important for us now, as we are going to downgrade iOS 9.1 to 9.0.2.
Step 5: Now Hold down the Shift key if you’re on Windows, or Option / Alt key if on Mac, and click on Restore iPhone.
Step 6: Grab the iOS 9.0.2 ipsw file that was downloaded earlier.
Step 7: iTunes will inform that your iOS device will be updated to iOS 9.0.2. Pick Update option.
Step 8: iTunes should now start to downgrade your iDevice to 9.0.2.
Step 9: After downgrading, your iOS device will be restarted. After that you should see “Slide to upgrade”. Go ahead and enter the passcode, and wait for the downgrade process to be finished. You may be prompted to activate your device.
Now it runs iOS 9.0.2 firmware. Great job!


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