Thursday, September 17, 2015

Keek Jailbreak Tweak Enables Recently Launched Apps

Keek jailbreak tweak provides you access to your recently launched apps from Control Center in iOS 8 iPhone and goes a step further then another several tweaks that let you only view apps in it. The tweak allows you to open and view your recent apps directly from Control Center also interact with them from the same interface. Then you can go back to Control Center, close the app, or launch the app in full screen view.

Once Keek is installed, it should begin working immediately on your jailbroken iOS 8 iPhone with default settings. Keek teak brings an few additional icons to the bottom of Control Center, right below the Quick Launch apps, where the recently opened apps are displayed. By doing a left or right swipe gesture you can scroll through the apps.

To launch an app, simply click on its icon. This causes the entire interface of the app to take over Control Center letting you to interact and navigate through it.

You can also launch the app in full screen by clicking on the upwards arrow button or go back to Control Center clicking on the close button.

The tweak also comes with a few configuration options available in Settings that let you turn it on or off, select the number of applications that are displayed per page also adjust the app icon size.
Keek jailbreak tweak carries additional options, such as enabling or disabling ‘Stretch Center’ or ‘Support QL buttons’. If you enable the latter, you can also view the Quick Launch apps within Control Center.

One big advantage of this tweak is that it will not work in Lock screen thereby keeping your personal information safe. You can access the recent apps within Control Center only when you’re in the Home screen or in another app.

You can grab Keek tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repo only for $1.99.


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