Thursday, September 24, 2015

iOS 9 Jailbreak Million Dollars Paying For Development

Can you imagine the some company or person can pay million dollars for iOS 9 jailbreak. As it became known ZERODIUM, cybersecurity firm that was founded this past summer by Chaouki Bekrar, has announced The Million Dollar iOS 9 Bug Bounty program and stated that it will reward $1 million to anyone able to crack Apple’s recently launched iOS 9, that is considered to be the world’s most secure mobile OS.

ZERODIUM claims that it will be paying out one million U.S. dollars to each person or team that develop and submit to them an jailbreak for iOS 9 running device. The firm has its special requirements for the jailbreak. It must be exclusive, browser-based, and of course untethered.

Also the jailbreak must work on all Apple's iOS devices, including the recently released iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Air 2. Note that the last browser-based jailbreak for iOS devices was that was launched 4 years ago in 2011 by comex.

Of course developers and researchers might be able to find an exploit or bug that lets them to successfully develop jailbreak for iOS 9, as 1 million is a large sum of money. Even after Apple patched exploits in iOS 9 that had been used in iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak. But it will be real challenge for them to find a browser-based exploit.

To sum up, ZERODIUM is going to pay a total amount of three million U.S. dollars ($3,000,000.00) in rewards for iOS exploits and jailbreaks to experienced security researchers and jailbreak developers. The zero-day bounty program will be opened until 6:00 p.m. EDT on October 31 or until the company ends up paying the total promised sum of money to developers and researchers.

Payment of the Million Dollar iOS 9 Bug Bounty by ZERODIUM to a researcher makes a purchase of the exclusive rights to the submitted exploit(s), jailbreak(s), and all related vulnerability info.

iOS 9 jailbreak for million dollars is the great earn, but don’t expect that ZERODIUM will make the exploit public or launch a jailbreak tool for all iOS devices including the recently released iPhones.


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