Sunday, September 20, 2015

iOS 8 iPhone Grid Message Tweak Message App Grid View

iOS 8 iPhone Grib Message tweak is a jailbreak tweak that brings a new look to the Messages app and changes the way you interact with it. Normally, in Message app all the conversations are displayed as a table view. But using Grid Messages tweak you can switch to grid view so that your conversations will be displayed as grids rather than as a table. Such grid view shows approximately 12 conversations per page and you can open any particular conversation by simply clicking on the corresponding grid.

One of handy Grid tweak feature is that, by clicking on the corresponding button available in the top left corner of Messages, you can easily switch between the table view and grid view. Grid Message jailbreak tweak for iOS 8 also comes with an edit functionality letting you pick multiple conversations at once and erase them.

Once installed Grid Messages on jailbroken device, there is no additional configuration required. Simply go to the Messages app and click on the grid view button to view messages as grids. The grids also display a very brief preview of the recent message in a conversation.

As you may notice jailbreak is the great opportunity for your iPhone. It allows you to customize your phone's look and feel to suit your personality, rather than being stuck with the far more limited options in iOS 8. You can use alternatives to the default apps in iOS, many of which have more functionality.

iOS 8 iPhone Grid Message tweak is the great option to switch between the table and grid view. However, there is one major issue about this tweak it is very glitchy and doesn’t provide a smooth experience. It is expected that the developer will more efforts on the tweak and will make it bug-free and suitable for daily usage.


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