Friday, July 10, 2015

iOS 8.3 Emoji Jailbreak Tweak Turns On Spock Emojis on iPhone

You can enable a lot of iOS 8 Emojis Cydia jailbreak tweak will help you with. If you have any iPhone that is running iOS 8.1.3 – 8.3 and jailbroken with TaiG or other tool [PP Jailbreak also supports the jailbreaking and supports iOS 8.4] you can use the apps offered by the unofficial store Cydia.

What tool can you use in order to reveal hidden emojis iOS 8? Keep on reading and you’ll learn which Cydia tweak can be your companion. Apple has hidden a number of iPhone Spock emoji, flag and Vulcan salute ones. They allow changing skin tones and do other fun things.

iOS 8.3 Emoji Jailbreak Tweak

Step 1. Cydia BigBoss repository has the free Emoji83+ packaging and this is what you should download and install on your jailbroken iDevice.

Step 2. The jailbreak application is very simple to use. It comes without settings so there is nothing to setup or configure.

Step 3. Once the tweak has been installed you should open your iOS 8.3 Emoji keyboard.

Step 4. You have nearly got the emojis Apple has hidden for now. Go to Travel & Places and you will be able to select new flags and use them in your text messages.

Step 5. When you launch People section you will find Vulcan salute and Spock emojis and get to choose the skin tone options.

Step 6. It’s cool that the hidden emojis you’ll use in messages will be available to users who are not jailbroken and get the message from you. All these extra options will be released in iOS 9 this fall. Apple might improve them or add more emojis.

Step 7. Use hidden features to your personal taste and enjoy staying jailbroken and getting more options than non-jailbroken users.


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