Friday, July 10, 2015

How to Setup Jailbroken iPhone on iOS 8.4 and 8.3 [Guide]

What should you do after you have successful ran the jailbreak tool TaiG or PP jailbreak that support mobile firmware versions from iOS 8.1.3 and up to the latest iOS 8.4 released by Apple this July? Follow iOS 8.4 iPhone jailbreak setup tips and get the best features and options right here right now.

It’s not a secret that Cydia store that is installed together with the jailbreak has a lot of great tweaks and jailbreak apps that make customization possible and fun. The following iOS 8.4 jailbroken iPhone setup guide would be useful to most iPhone owners as this is the minimalistic set of options you must have.

How to Setup Jailbroken iPhone on iOS 8.4 and Earlier Firmwares

*Get Groovylock if you want to add new widgets to your iOS 8 lock screen

*Fans of animations can download Lock Glyph to see the animated fingerprint on the lock screen

*If you are afraid to lose your iPhone you can add information about it on your lock screen with the help of IfFoudn2

*You can theme iOS 8 dock with the popular jailbreak tweak DockShift

*While waiting for the iOS 9 you can already download ShowCase and see uppercase and lower letters on your keyboard

*If you are using AT&T [T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon etc.] but want to have a different logo for carrier use Zeppelin program

*Use Corners if you want to see your Control Center with rounded corners

*It is possible to hide some UI elements if you install Hideme8 Lite tool

*Use Saber to underline every message you have

*Fans of folders can use Apex 2 which is a nice alternative to this cool feature

*Customize your Control Center and make it minimalistic. Use CClean for this purpose

*Add dates to your status bar using Date In Status jailbreak tweak

This is just a small list of possible customizations you can do after you have become jailbroken.


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