Monday, July 6, 2015

How to Get iOS 9 Features on iOS 8 iPhone Right Now [Jailbreak Tweaks]

While it is possible to get iOS 9 features now by downloading iOS 9 beta 1 or beta 2, not all iPhone and iPad users are eager to take this risk and upgrade to the testing version with a big number of bugs. iOS 9 has no supported apps at the moment but there is a different method you can use in order to get iOS 9 features on iOS 8 platform.

Thanks to TaiG group of hackers from China it is now possible to untether jailbreak iOS 8.1.3, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3 iPhone and iPad with ease. Once you are jailbroken you can download different Cydia tweaks and get iOS 9 specs on iOS 8 device.

How to Use iOS 9 Options in iOS 8

* Add Rounded Corners to App Switcher

It is possible to change the appearance of your App Switcher on iOS 8 by using RoundedSwitcherCards or similar jailbreak tweak which brings updated look to your gadget.

* Save Battery Life

You can extend your iOS 8 battery life using BattSaver or other tweaks that make your iPhone last longer.

* iPad Split-Screen Multitasking on iOS 8

iOS 9 firmware supports multitasking on Apple tablets. The similar effect can be reached on jailbroken iOS 8 platform if you download and install ReachApp, Quasar and OS Experience. Just check first if your model is supported.

* Enhance Multitasking with Picture in Picture

You can download VideoPane or other tweaks that can detach video files in a new window which is similar to iOS 9 feature.

* Updated Keyboard

If you wish to get lowercase option keys you can get ShowCase Cydia tweak and install it on iOS 8 smartphone. If you want to improve your keyboard you can also get SwipeSelection tool or other programs that add  more features to your smartphone or tablet.

* Switch Between Apps with Back Button

It’s cool when you can switch back and force between applications using Back button which can be installed on iOS 8 with LastApp program.

Would you like to get iOS 9 features on iOS 8 right now?


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