Monday, June 29, 2015

iOS 9 TaiG Jailbreak Launch Date Recent Update

Recently there are many talks about iOS 9 TaiG jailbreak launch date. This theme became actual just after Chinese TaiG Team has updated its famous jailbreak tool with the latest iOS software version support.

The new TaiG tool now supports iOS versions 8.1.3 through 8.3 dubbed version 2.0.0 and currently is available on Windows only. The latest jailbreak is interesting for the reason that since iOS 8.3 patched TaiG’s previous exploits, it was thought the team would focus its attention on iOS 9. Cydia Substrate is also not compatible with iOS 8.3, so it will be down to Saurik to update it. Also support for the new jailbreak is limited as apps and tweaks will need to be updated.

However, according to the recent report TaiG CEO Xie Lei is feeling pretty bullish about jailbreaking iOS 9 prospects in the near future. Mr. Lei also alluded to the future of TaiG’s ambitions and wrote that we will hear about their team with iOS 9 jailbreak and they are looking forward to release fourth escape. Fourth escape means fourth jailbreak and it will be the iOS 9 jailbreak.

If TaiG’s CEO feels confident enough that he can openly state how much he’s looking forward to releasing an iOS 9 jailbreak, then there’s probably more to the story. Obviously, last month’s big news about rootless security raised some fears and warnings about the future jailbreaking possibilities, but those fears seem to be largely unfounded.

Yet, there is no concrete or direct proved facts on whether TaiG will be able to launch a iOS 9 jailbreak or who will be the one to achieve this. But looking forward, iOS 9 is a major release with many beloved features and a jailbreak will be definitely more than welcomed and juicing up user experience with iOS devices.

However we certainly put all our expectations on talented team as TaiG. But only time will tell when would be iOS 9 TaiG jailbreak launch date.


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